MV Drives Offer Overview

There are few manufacturers of medium voltage drives. Each of them offers different drive topologies with specified advantages and drawbacks. In successively published posts I will provide brief product specification and links to available documentation. At this point I will not compare specific solutions.

In the following posts I will present offer of companies with the biggest MV Drives market share – in alphabetical order:

In the product specification you will find information on:

  • drive topology (VSI-NPC, VSI-CHB, CSI, LCI),
  • input (rectifier) section characteristics (nominal voltage, power quality),
  • DC link section characteristics,
  • output (inverter) section characteristics (voltage and frequency range, power rating, waveform),
  • control specifications (control scheme, speed and torque errors, response time),
  • converter specifications (semiconductor devices, switching frequency, modulation technique).

I will try to release first manufacturer specifications post as soon as I am able. If you have any suggestions on something I didn’t mention and you think should be considered here – please contact me.


  1. Steve Lacki says:

    Wondering if you have intention of publishing the following or can direct or advise on where one might find ‘qualifiable data’ on the following for MV drives and various topologies.

    1. PF over the speed/load range for CSI PWM (Rockwell) versus VSI PWM solutions (other manufacturers).

    2. Overall systems efficiency comparisons (from intput through inverter output) of CSI PWM topology versus a VSI PWM design (pick a manufacturer) this over frequency range of say 30 Hz to 60 Hz and assuming centrifugal load.

    Kind regards,

    Steve Lacki

  2. Steve,

    First of all I would like to gather base information like nominal parameters and essential features of drives present on the market and provide links to available documentation. Then I would like to compare specific approaches to the issues that can be met in the drive design.

    The PF and efficiency throught out the whole speed range is surely one of them. I have not seen comprehensive publication or presentation in this field. There isn’t clear standard how efficiency should be calculated. Most of manufacturers show in specifications efficiency value at rated load. You have to consider if is it efficiency of converter only or converter + transformer or converter + transformer + all auxiliary devices. At the moment I can give you only two links:

    These are not strict technical presentations but some conclusions can be made.

    Best regards,


  3. Steve RXPE says:

    RXPE, leaders in Power electronics in China produce the RMVC range of MV frequency converters and patented VFS soft starters see specifications for the RMVC on

    Please add RXPE to the list of manufacturers



  4. AleksandraJ says:


    You have provided quite a long list of manufacturers of Medium Voltage Drives manufacturers. All of them are, however, big players on the electric drives market. Have you ever heard about any small or medium size company that would be manufacturing MV Drives for motor applications, renewable energy applications (wind, wave, solar etc.) and possibly other? I am especially interested in multi-level NPC or cascaded inverters.

    Aleksandra Jargot