Converteam MV Drives Specifications

Converteam MV7000 medium voltage drive technical data:

Topology 3-level Neutral Point Clamped Voltage Source Inverter
Input section Diode 12-pulse or 24-pulse or HV IGBT based 3L-NPC AFE
Input voltage 3300V or 6600V
Efficiency 98.8% at rated load for drives with diode rectifier, 98.6% for active front end rectifier at PF=0.9 and excluding all auxiliary devices
Input power quality 12-pulse IEEE 519 compliance – In/Isc ratio dependent, 24-pulse and AFE meets IEEE 519; PF>0.96 at rated load for diode rectifier, and PF=1 at rated load for AFE rectifier
DC link section common DC link capacitors
Output section HV IGBT based 3-level NPC voltage source inverter
Output power 3300V drives: 3000-16800kW (4021-22520HP); 6600V drives: 12000-33600kW (16085-45040HP)
Output voltage 0-3300V; 0-6600V
Output frequency 0-90Hz; higher up to 300Hz on request
Field weakening no data
Switching frequency no data
Output waveform 5-level line-to-line voltage waveform
Motor type induction or synchronous
Overload no data
Cooling water-cooled
Control scheme flux vector control
Dynamic speed error no data
Steady-state speed error <0.5% without encoder and <0.1% with encoder
Torque response time no data
Torque accuracy no data
Modulation technique hysteresis modulation
Special features -


  1. MV7000. Entering a new dimension for reliability and performance in medium-voltage AC drives