LS Industrial Systems MV Drives Specifications

LS Industrial Systems has recently entered the medium voltage drives market with the new product – LSMV. It is a cascaded multilevel H-bridge type inverter. Technical specifications of the drive are available below.

3MVA LSMV Variable Frequency Drive

3MVA, 6600V LSMV Variable Frequency Drive

Topology Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter
Input section Diode 18-pulse or 36-pulse rectifier
Input voltage 3300V, 4160V, 6600V, 10000V
Efficiency 97% at rated load
Input power quality 18-pulse and 36-pulse meet IEEE 519 compliance; PF>0.95 for 20-100% load range,
DC link section each single-phase cell has its own capacitor
Output section series connected LV IGBT H-bridges
Converter power 3300V drives: 200-3700kVA; 4160V drives: 250-4700kVA; 6600V drives: 400-7500kVA; 10000V drives: 600-11000kVA
Output voltage 0-3300V, 0-4160V, 0-6600V, 0-10000V
Output frequency 5-120Hz
Field weakening no data
Switching frequency no data
Output waveform voltage rating dependent
Motor type induction
Overload 120% rated current for 1 min.
Cooling air-cooled
Control scheme V/f, sensorless vector control
Dynamic speed error no data
Steady-state speed error 0.1%
Torque response time no data
Torque accuracy no data
Modulation technique phase-shifted or level-shifted modulation
Special features -

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Diode 18-pulse or 36-pulse rectifier

Converteam Opens New MV Business Factories in China

Converteam opened a new rotating machines factory in Yantai, Shandong province. Medium voltage motors and generators will be manufactured there. The company plans also to run a medium voltage drives manufacturing plant in Shanghai and a joint-venture in Wuhan.

More information about the investments and management statements can be found in the company official press release.

Schneider Electric MV Drives Specifications

Schneider Electric Altivar 1000 medium voltage drive:

Altivar 1000
Topology 3-level Neutral Point Clamped Voltage Source Inverter
Input section Diode 12-pulse or 24-pulse or HV IGBT based 3L-NPC AFE
Input voltage 2300V, 3300V
Efficiency 99% at rated load for drives with diode rectifier (without input transformer), no data for active front end rectifier
Input power quality 12-pulse IEEE 519 compliance – In/Isc ratio dependent, 24-pulse and AFE meets IEEE 519; PF>0.96 at rated load for diode rectifier, and PF>0.98 at rated load for AFE rectifier
DC link section common DC link capacitors
Output section HV IGBT based 3-level NPC voltage source inverter
Output power air-cooled 3300V drives: 1100-4500kW (1474-6032HP); water-cooled 3300V drives: 1300-11570kW (1742-15509HP)
Output voltage 0-2300V; 0-3300V
Output frequency 5-70Hz; extended 5-140Hz
Field weakening no data
Switching frequency no data
Output waveform 5-level line-to-line voltage waveform
Motor type induction or synchronous as option
Overload 110% rated current for 1 min. every 10 minutes or 150% rated current for 1 min. every 10 minutes
Cooling air-cooled and water-cooled
Control scheme V/f, flux vector control with and without encoder
Dynamic speed error no data
Steady-state speed error 0.5% without encoder and 0.05% with encoder
Torque response time 5ms
Torque accuracy no data
Modulation technique hysteresis modulation
Special features -


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